Product Lifecycle Management

Transition Technologies PSC successfully delivers PLM implementation services for many years. In our work we focus on quality and seamless delivery, so that our customers can benefit from reliable, predictable and cost effective process.Our vast portfolio includes consulting and implementation services regarding various PTC products, including PDMLink, ProjectLink, Service Information Manager, Service Parts, MPMLink, ERP Connector, Enterprise System Integrator (ESI), Creo View, Workgroup Manager (WGM), Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler and Arbotext Publishing Engine (APE) and many others in multiple versions. You can find a brief description what we do on this site:
PTC Windchill Customizations
Server side customizations and Client side customizations – Our knowledge and experience in client side technologies allows us to change every aspect of Windchill User Interface. Our server side customizations extends the out-of-the-box windchill functionality.
PTC Windchill Customizations - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
CAD Data Management
We deliver configuration and customization services in this area for best tailored CAD-PLM integration for our customers, this includes: Creo Parametric and Non-Creo CAD with Windchill integrations (Catia, Unigraphics NX, AutoCAD etc.), Custom CAD Workers, Customizations of Windchill to better map clients CAD Data, Management process, Customizations of CAD Representations & CreoView
CAD Data Management - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
Windchill Reporting and Data Export solutions for extended PLM business intelligence
Transition Technologies S.A. delivers multiple BI solutions, extending the out-of-the-box PTC Windchill functionality. We know how to design and implement elastic and effective solutions to harvest the knowledge from data stored in PLM system. We work using multiple technologies:
  • Query Builder
  • Windchill Business Reporting
  • Info*Engine
  • PTC and Third Party Mixed Solutions for Business Reporting
Windchill Reporting and Data Export Solutions - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
System Integrations
Transition Technologies S. A. delivered Integrations between IT systems (SAP, Teamcenter, Windchill and many other systems) related to projects based on Windchill platform. Here we present different approaches and technologies used in drive for a goal. Interoperability technologies used: JMS, TIBCO, Web Services, SOAP, REST PTC introduces following products to support integrations: I*E – Info*Engine, ERP Connector, ESI – Enterprise System Integrator
System Integrations - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
Upgrade & Migration
We have very vast experience in successful delivery of data migrations and PTC Windchill upgrades. Our portfolio includes topics like CAD data migrations, BOM migrations, Arbortext Dynamic Documents migration and many other scenarios:
  • PTC Windchill to Windchill migrations
  • Third party PLM/PDM to PTC Windchill migrations
  • Multiple source systems to PTC Windchill target system data merge
  • CAD data migration (Catia, Creo, …) including file system migration to PTC Windchill
  • PTC Model Manager to PTC Windchill migration
  • PTC Windchill Upgrades including multiple configurations (remote file servers, replica servers, cluster environment, other scenarios)
  • PTC Windchill Cloning, Rehost, Rename, Move
  • Pro/Intralink 3.X to PTC Windchill data migration
  • Oracle to MSSQL database server migration
  • Aphelion to Windchill DS LDAP migration
  • Database server upgrades
  • Customization porting for newer Windchill releases
  • Design and implementation of the ETL tools and solutions
Upgrade & Migration - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
This team has long experience in deployment support for big PTC customers. We deliver deployment processes created for worldwide teams to shorten maintenance breaks, with agile approach to deliver quality packages and to involve client in process which clarify system and documentation/specification and eliminate the amendments.
  • Infrastructure Setup – configuration for clusters with 3rd party components (Cognos/WPA)
  • Deployment with PTC BIF tool or third party scripts
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment support for process and tools
  • Build automation by tools (Jenkins) and scripts
  • Custom externals (reusable tools/utils) for advanced deployment cases
  • Support for Amazon Cloud Services
DevOps - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
Quality Assurance
Transition Technologies PSC Quality Assurance is a business unit specialized in improving quality on projects. Quality Assurance team members were involved in multiple software implementation projects with successes. The team members have strong knowledge and project experience in following fields:
  • Solution verification and validation planning
  • Test strategy definition
  • Test case development
  • Opracowywanie scenariuszy testowych
  • Test execution and status reporting
  • Static analysis and reviews
Quality Assurance - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC
Trainings & Mentoring Sessions
Each domain of our scope of service is also supported by the team of professional trainers and mentors, who can design and deliver education plan specifically tailored to cover the required topics from vast scope of our services. Our trainers and mentors are not only experts with long experience in specific area but also excellent trainers focused on customers’ needs and knowledge transfer. In our offer you can find the following points:
  • Instructor lead trainings on the customer site
  • Remote trainings
  • Mentoring sessions on the customer site
Trainings & Mentoring Sessions - Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC

Our experts have many years of experience and are at your disposal - contact us!