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About us

Transition Technologies PSC is a member of the Transition Technologies holding, a Polish softwarehouse. Since 1991 TT is developing software systems and modern technical solutions for national and international Customers.

Transition Technologies PSC specializes in creation IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, especially Connected Product Lifecycle Management software and industrial exploitation of the newest Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, allowing our Customers to implement the concept of Industry of the Future (also called Industry 4.0). Our company employes of over 300 software, technical innovation and development methodology enthusiasts who always consider mutual help, maintaining a great working atmosphere and creative approach in their day-to-day jobs. We always use the best and newest tools when developing our solutions and therefore we are Atlassian’s partner for many years. We utilize their products to support our efforts in development and delivery of solutions and products for our Customers as well as our own.

Transition Technologies Capital Group is already 25 years old!
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What we do?
Augmented Reality. Transition Technologies PSC

We discover the value in IoT thanks to Augmented Reality!

It was just a few years ago when Augmented Reality seemed a scientists’ dream of a world connecting the real and virtual worlds. Today we are able to offer professional AR solutions, nimbly adjusting them to fit our Customers’ needs. We conduct projects starting from initial analysis and prototyping up to complex delivery and post-implementation support and maintenance. We use Augmented Reality to enhance the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things with technologies allowing employees to fit into the new world.

Our software services are different than those on the market. We focus on long-term cooperation which brings benefits to all parties and therefore we are able to offer development of IoT and AR solutions taking appropriately sized steps, perfectly corresponding to our Customers’ needs.

You want to start your first IoT and AR project?
We have ready packages and ready process!

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Internet of Things. Transition Technologies PSC

For our customers we are able to match the offer to build the first prototypes IoT and AR. We believe that together we can change the Polish Industry and the World Industry.

PSC IoT is a dynamic group of experts responsible for development of products and services based on the newest trends and changes in the real world. In cooperation with our Partners we are working on IoT solutions which implement the concept of Connected Products for many world-wide companies. We are working on implementing a Factory of the Future project in an international consortium as one of the very first in Poland, aiming to support employees in their day-to-day tasks in factories spread all over the world to optimize operational effectivenes of single devices, as well as whole industrial facilities.

At the same time we are creating Augmented Reality solutions to support workers in performing their activities throughout every moment of their careers. We are always the first to adapt, excell and improve the newest technologies.
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Product Lifecycle Management. Transition Technologies PSC

PLM is the key to development of a successful product. It is a stregic piece of a business proces, generating value for the whole company.

PLM supports manufacturers in complex management of multi-leveled and multi-layered processes, as well as coordinate cooperation between distributed teams in a way which helps them constantly create the best possible products.
For over 10 years TT PSC has developed and delivered world-leading software in the PLM market – Windchill. We focus on quality and efficiency in delivering our solutions in order to allow our Customers to fully exploit the potential of their resources, achieving the most benefits from our work as well.
Our portfolio covers a wide range of implementation and consulting services for delivery and customization of PTC products, including: PDMLink, ProjectLink, Service Information Manager, Service Parts, MPMLink, ERP Connector, Enterprise System Integrator (ESI), Creo View, Workgroup Manager (WGM), Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler, Arbortext Publishing Engine (APE) as well as many others, in various versions. This allows us to take a complex approach, fit perfectly to the needs of our Customers. At the same time our broad experience helps us to deliver products and services of unmatched quality. Thanks to us our Customers can achieve much more.
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Atlassian. Transition Technologies PSC

Since 2012 we have been an official Polish partner of Atlassian, an Australian manufacturer of IT tools used for the collaboration within teams of any size (such as Jira, Confluence, HipChat, Bitbucket, Trello, and many others). Our experiences comes from a number of various implementations that we have performed in organizations of different sectors.

We know that every corporation is different, therefore, we place an emphasis on the understanding of the client’s processes so we can adapt the software to the individual needs. We believe that it is the IT tools that should be adapted to the user, not the other way round. We help our clients to select appropriate components of the Atlassian software so they can use the possibilities offered by the manufacturer to the fullest extent and improve their work to the maximum. Our work is not limited to offering licenses and solutions; we also teach users how to skillfully use them. Our employees are enthusiastic about their work, have certified qualifications, gladly share their knowledge, and are always ready to take up new challenges. If you wish to use our services, contact us today.


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Case Studies

We deliver software development services for international enterprises. Our cooperation with them is growing dynamically every year. Get to know some of the projects our passionate developers have implemented.

Our employees are growing together with our Partners, striving towards creation of solutions both of outstanding quality and cost-effective. We bring innovation to help our Customers, allowing maximization of benefits from software solutions’ implementation.

The use of the Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the spatial design of a c...

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Vehicles for the Polish Armed Forces - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC

Classified military project for engineers developing combat vehicles for the ...

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We help customers develop their business ideas and build employee qualificati...

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Plannet Innovation - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC

Creating an effective way for remote service and management with Internet of ...

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Fiat - Case Studies. Transition Technologies PSC

Adaptable and safe working environment utilizing IoT and AR in the automotive...

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Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) - Case Studies. Transition Technologies PSC

Atlassian JIRA Service Desk implementation for at IT department of Vienna Ins...

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Asseco Poland - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC

Standardization process “Desktop Publishing” with XML DocBook sta...

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Hard Rock Cafe - Case Study, Transition Technologies PSC

Augmented Reality technology applied in gastronomy

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Gallery of Lodz City, EXPO 2022 - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC

Creating a Holographic Gallery of the City of Lodz utilizing Augmented Realit...

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Career. Transition Technologies PSC

Join to Transition Technologies PSC

Transition Technologies Capital Group have doubled the number of employees since 2011 and we are still looking for more passionate fans ready join to our team. We are a member of the Friendly Recruitment Coalition, which promote good practice and increase recruitment standards. We are professional at every stage of recruitment.
Check out what job offers are waiting for you in the Transition Technologies Capital Group!



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